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Nov 2, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights integrates Siri into its mobile application to enable hands-free travel

The booking platform now features Siri Shortcuts – a new Apple functionality which enables the vocal assistant to have direct access to applications. This move is designed to meet the growing fad among travellers for "hands-free" vacations which according to a study is now a global trend.hotel

The booking platform has decided to take on the Siri Shortcuts functionality to provide a new service for its users. Travellers will now be able to use a voice command to have access to information contained in the mobile application, according to Tom Travel. "This new functionality is perfect for travellers who are always on the go and who need to have information at their fingertips, or rather on the tip of their tongue," explained Daniel Craig, Mobile vice president at, in a press release.


Recording of a voice command


"How many times have you landed in an airport with your hands full and been unable to find your confirmation e-mail?" the press release asks. According to, its users will now comfortably be able to travel "in hands-free mode" thanks to Siri Shortcuts.

To use this new functionality, travellers will first have to open their booking in the application then click on the "Add to Siri" button to enable the recording of a voice command for each element of the booking.


Global trend


Travellers will then be able to pronounce the chosen voice command and Siri Shortcuts will access the booking via the mobile application and give them the time of their booking and the address of their hotel along with a map of how to get there and any other useful information. is looking to surf on a global trend. According to a study carried out by Mobile Travel Tracker, 22% of travellers use vocal functionalities to carry out travel research and booking.


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