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French start-up DreaminzZz is launching Hypnos – an innovative connected mask that works via hypnosis!

Allianz Healthcare hypnose connected mask from DreaminzZz

According to the French National Institute for Sleep and Vigilance (INSV), "sleep is a state in which we spend around a third of our lives. It is part of the vital functions of our organism along the lines of breathing, digestion and immunity". Unsurprisingly, this critical aspect of our existences is integral to the burgeoning connected market, as highlighted by French website Objet connecté. More and more smart objects are springing up to help us overcome sleep disorders and related health problems, with the latest being Hypnos, a new mask developed by a French tech start-up called DreaminzZz.

Over a third of French people suffer from sleep disorders

According to the INSV, over a third of French people (37%) suffer from a variety of sleep disorders, including difficulty falling asleep, waking too early and nightmares. While many of them turn to medication (such as sleeping pills and anti-anxiety products), more and more people are favouring more natural solutions such as meditation and breathing control. It is possible to lower your heart rate via your breathing, which helps you to fall asleep… provided you are not fixated on your smartphone at the same time!

Fall into a deep sleep via a connected mask

DreaminzZz has thus developed the Hypnos mask, comprising various elements featuring light, sound and kinesthetics (which emit soft vibrations) and which all help the wearer to fall asleep. The mask is placed on the eyes and connected to a smartphone, with an application which enables the wearer to choose various themes based on a specific sleep-related issue. The mask is designed to help relaxation, concentration, stress, pain or fear management, and also giving up cigarettes or alcohol.

The system also features a pair of earphones to make the experience more immersive and hypnotic. Hypnos enables the user to get down progressively, and without actually realising it, to six breaths per minute, which is the ideal rhythm for falling asleep. The mask can also be programmed for naps as well as for long phases of sleep, as well as helping the wearer to wake up slowly and gently, using the same principle. It is also designed to help children overcome their fear of the dark or nightmares.

Host of other uses

As well as its beneficial effect on sleep disorders, the device can also be used for athletes looking to hone their mental preparation as well as general stress management – for example public speaking, or ahead of a medical treatment that is likely to cause anxiety and/or pain.

One of the main advantages of the DreaminzZz Hypnos is that it provides an immersive experience that is comparable with that of a virtual reality headset but merely requires a smartphone and a pair of earphones. It is also a precursor of a new market of e-health products focusing on alternative medicine.


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