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Virtual reality will soon be coming on board with Iberia, with the Spanish airline announcing that it will be making VR headsets available to passengers on certain flights in the coming six months as part of their entertainment system, before rolling this out should the initial test phase prove to be a success.

Iberia is looking to test its virtual reality headsets over the next six months according to They will only be available for hire on flights out of Madrid (Spain) heading to Vienna (Austria) and Tel Aviv (Israel), at a cost of six euros, but will enable the Spanish airline’s passengers to watch films and documentaries and enjoy immersive experiences such as guided tours of cities and dives into the Red Sea.


Entertainment system provided by Inflight VR


Having tested various virtual reality entertainment systems providers, Iberia finally chose Inflight VR, who have bases both in Munich and Barcelona, while the actual headsets will come from a company called Pico and weigh just 260 grammes each. "We believe that virtual reality has enormous potential and that it can change the in-flight passenger experience," said a delighted Nikolas Jaeger, founder of Inflight VR. "The viewer is no longer a mere observer but can actually travel around a city."

"We found out about Inflight VR via Hangar 51, the IAG group start-up accelerator programme," explained Ignacio Total, head of digital transformation for Iberia. "Since 2017, we have been working together to develop a virtual reality solution to provide our clients with a new experience." Should the initial test phase prove to be a success, the airline is looking to roll out the service to more flights.


Airlines turning in greater numbers to virtual reality


Iberia is far from being the only airline to be interested in this particular technology. Air France and Alaska Airlines are two companies who have already turned to virtual reality in recent years, both to train their staff and also to enable passengers to take a virtual tour of the aircraft before take-off.

Staying with new technologies on airlines, EasyJet and KLM are currently using augmented reality to help measure the size of hand luggage.


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