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Sep 30, 2017,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

IFA 2017: Samsung focusing on smart homes

At a conference at the IFA 2017, Samsung unveiled a range of sports wearables as well as various innovative projects for smart homes. 


At its highly anticipated conference at the IFA, which was held in Berlin earlier this month, Samsung announced the imminent release of its Samsung Gear Sport connected watch, the Gear Fit 2 Pro bracelet and the True Wireless Gear Icon X 2018 earphones, as well as various connected devices for smart homes.


New range of sports products


The manufacturer is at the forefront of the wearables market, and presented two new fitness accessories: the Gear Fit 2 Pro connected bracelet and the Gear Sport connected watch.

Both are equipped with extra sensors and also have new applications dedicated to nutrition and journey-tracking, the latter which even works for swimming and was developed in partnership with Speedo.

The Gear Sport watch can also effect contactless payment and carry out a remote PowerPoint presentation.

Samsung also unveiled the new Gear IconX 2018 earphones which not only have five hours of autonomy and 4 GB of music storage space, but also enable the wearer to listen to a personal trainer during their workout, as reported by Objet Connecté.


Smart Home and multimedia


The Samsung Smart TV is equipped with HDR 10+ technology for superior quality images, as well as a QLed screen of between 43 and 49 inches. The Korean giant also announced a future application called Steamlink, which will call up games from the Steam platform via a computer onto the Smart TV without requiring separate hardware to transmit the signal.

These televisions of the future are aimed not only at gamers but also art lovers, since a partnership with the Prado will make it possible to take a virtual visit around the famous Spanish museum.


Smart washing machine


Samsung has also been working on its household appliances, including the QuickDrive connected washing machine featuring Q-Drum technology which separates the drum from the back of the machine, washing the laundry more efficiently via a double horizontal and vertical movement. Most impressively, the QuickDrive has a smartphone app enabling users to programme washes remotely once the machine is loaded.

The Power Stick Pro cordless vacuum cleaner – with 150 Watts of power and 40 minutes autonomy – was also unveiled, along with the Family Hub refrigerator which is equipped with a vocal assistant and is compatible with the Samsung Connect system, and is set to hit the markets in France, the UK, Germany and Italy later this year.


Inter-connectivity is the key


In terms of the Internet of Things (IoT) and in particular for smart homes, interoperability is a crucial aspect of which Samsung is fully aware, with the company having brought on board the founder of the Open Connectivity Foundation, of which it is a member, and which works on IoT standardisation.

Samsung’s Smart TVs, Family Hub range of products and air-conditioning devices have already all gained certification by the foundation.




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