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Feb 6, 2020,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Instagram: portal bringing brands and influencers together to open soon to all users

Already available to some users, the tool created by Facebook for influencers and brands using Instagram will be open to everyone in a few months’ time. The platform brings the social network’s various players into contact with each other and allows them to exchange statistics and information clearly, while avoiding data knowingly falsified by Instagrammers. 

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Instagram will soon be offering users with the biggest profiles and most followers the opportunity to use a portal simplifying relationships between advertisers and influencers. The tool is already available to a limited number of brands and Instagrammers active on the social network, as reported by specialist website Tom Travel. 


A global tool offering greater clarity 


Other users will have to wait a few months before they can access the platform, when they will have to go through Facebook Creator Studio, the interface created a year ago by the owners of Instagram. The new tool helps influencers to communicate their account-related data easily and clearly.

In just a few clicks, they can tell brands about the popularity of their profiles, online content and their audience. The process is simple and applies to everyone. It can also confirm the veracity of figures shared with brands, helping advertisers to avoid duped by Instagrammers making up data about their impact on the public. 

The future platform offers another avenue for brands to explore. Like influencers, they can also introduce their partners and followers to all their online campaign requirements.


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