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According to an OpinionWay survey, 34% of French people use social media to look for holiday ideas, especially Instagram. Having been very popular among young people, who can sometimes make a living out of Instagram, tourism offices are reaping the benefits of this new marketing channel.



For many bloggers and social media stars, sharing their lives, plans and holidays online has become a way of life. And with as many as 100,000 followers keeping tabs on them, their trendsetting holiday choices are not going unnoticed.

Real snaps

According to a survey conducted by Opinion Way, 34% of travellers take inspiration from social media posts when deciding where to go on holiday. That figure that rises to 51% among under 35s, who are more tuned-in to social media and to using it to find out information, with the image-sharing website Instagram among their favourites.

Some 59% of its users rely on it when choosing their next holiday, while 22% of French people and other travellers said that what they liked about Instagram the most is that the photos are real, unlike those published by travel agencies. In total, 64% of Instagram users posts images of their holidays, with only 7% of them choosing to touch them up.


Wish YOUR vacation looked like this? The ultimate wanderlust Instagram accounts

— Global Travel News (@globeizer) February 26, 2016


The blog trip boom

Boasting thousands of followers, some influencers have become genuine experts in sharing information and recommending places to go. All in all, it is a godsend for tourism offices, who, for many years now, have been laying on blog trips: bespoke holidays that either they or tour operators organise to ensure they get mentioned on social media and to offer discounts on accommodation, activities and airline tickets.

A weekend’s skiing, all expenses paid, in exchange for a few photos, personal recommendations and top tips: it is a new way of marketing that is giving some a nice living and inspiring many others. 


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