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Jun 12, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Intel using drones to restore part of the Great Wall of China

Professional "Falcon 8+"-type drones are to fly over a part of the Great Wall of China that is difficult to access, taking images that will make it easier to restore the famous Chinese military fortifications.

Technology will be used to benefit history, with drones created by Intel set to help restore the Great Wall of China, according to French website Tom Travel. The restoration project is part of a partnership between the US company and the Chinese foundation for the preservation of cultural heritage.

The restoration project concerns one of the most dilapidated parts of the wall located in the province of Jiankou. In this very steep mountainous region, it is difficult for workers to get to the wall, and the use of drones will make repairs much easier. 


Highly agile drones


The drone selected for the mission is the Intel Falcon 8+, a professional drone with a sleek V-shaped design. The small remote-controlled craft has been "specially designed for operations requiring imaging, inspection and cartography", Tom Travel explains. 

The device will have no problems flying over the zones that are the most difficult to access and measure the extent of the damage. 


3D modelling to guide the repairs


The images collected will help to prepare the restoration work to be implemented. In particular, conservationists will be able to call on 3D modelling to detect any eventual cracks of missing bricks in the wall.

"Certain parts are located on very steep slopes which makes for a real challenge when it comes to daily maintenance," explained Li Xiaojie, president of the Chinese foundation for the preservation of cultural heritage. "Our partnership with Intel has opened up new means of preservation."  Should the operation prove a success, it will be repeated on other sections of the world-famous Chinese monument.


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