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Sep 3, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Microsoft file a patent application for glasses that measure blood pressure

“Glabella” is the name of the new device created by Microsoft to measure blood pressure. Looking like a normal pair of glasses, this prototype is said to be more reliable and easier to use than a traditional blood pressure monitor. The American giant has filed a patent application to manufacture this new device, which could be used by patients every day, without requiring them to change their behaviour.

Following in the footsteps of rivals Apple, Amazon and Google, it is now Microsoft’s turn to patent an innovative technology with Glabella, a pair of eyeglasses that can measure the wearer’s blood pressure. Filed on 26th July, the patent for this device is not dissimilar to the glasses designed by Google that monitor heart rate, reports MobiHealthNews.


Easier to use than a blood pressure monitor


“Our glasses prototype incorporates optical sensors, processing, storage, and communication components,” explain Christian Holz and Edward Wang, the two engineers who designed Glabella, on the Microsoft website. Their prototype can measure variations in blood pressure continuously and without any user input. The frames can, “passively collect physiological data about the user without the need for any interaction.”

According to the Microsoft patent, which can be viewed on Patentscope, Glabella collects data at three different arterial points on the head: at the angular, occipital and temporal arteries. Thanks to these inertial sensors, the device can then calculate the time elapsed between the moment the blood is pumped from the heart and the moment it reaches these three points. This data enables it to measure the patient’s systolic blood pressure and, from there, their blood pressure. 

The Glabella glasses require no user input or behaviour changes, say Microsoft. They can therefore be worn discreetly every day, while collecting valuable data for the medical services. It remains to be seen whether this prototype will one day be released onto the market and, if it is, by whom.


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