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Appearing at CES 2017, French company Miliboo unveiled EKKO, an Android-compatible smart mirror.


There are no shortage of smart devices for the bathroom. Following on from showers, scales and toothbrushes, it is now the turn of mirrors to get connected. French firm Miliboo, a market leader in the manufacture and online distribution of furniture, unveiled its EKKO smart mirror at CES 2017. Boasting a 10-inch OLED display, it runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop, as reported by WO website.


Easy to use


The Miliboo mirror comprises four infrared sensors in each corner, allowing users to control it through gestures rather than by touching the screen, which means no fingerprints.

With its intuitive interface, OLED display and ability to connect to your home WiFi, EKKO offers internet access and can bring up any kind of multimedia content to keep you entertained in the bathroom, including news, weather reports, stock market updates, horoscopes and even beauty tutorials!

EKKO can also be set up with user profiles for each member of the family and can even display a timer to make sure children brush their teeth for long enough. It is also very easy on the eye, comes in two different formats (round or rectangular) and sits on a small oak base.


A CES Innovation Award


Though Miliboo has only been operating in the smart device market for two years, it has already built a strong reputation for itself, a point the French firm proved at the CES Innovation Awards 2017 in Las Vegas, where EKKO picked up an accolade in the Smart Home category for its innovativeness and design.

"We are very proud to see EKKO win something at the CES® Innovation Awards," said Miliboo CEO Guillaume Lachenal. "This award backs up the strategy we are pursuing with connected furniture and shows how far Miliboo has come in terms of design and technology in the world of the smart home. This award gives our brand excellent visibility."

EKKO is available for €399 at, a reasonable price for a smart mirror equipped with an OLED screen and made in France too.


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