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Sep 13, 2017,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

New Toyota looking to attract millennials with integrated camping equipment

Toyota has unveiled the FT-4X – a utility vehicle fitted with numerous features designed to appeal to Generation Y.


The new FT-4X (which stands for Future Toyota Four-Wheel-Drive Crossover), launched at the New York International Auto Show, is a small multi-segment utility vehicle that is equally at home in the city as out on the open road or off the beaten track. According to Business Insider, it is a smaller, similar version of the Land Cruiser, and according to the manufacturer is designed to appeal to the millennial generation.


Multi-purpose design


According to the experts at Calty Design Research Incorporated in California, who came up with the concept of the FT-4X, millennials are looking for a vehicle that can change according to the context, in particular the rear hatch and the floor.

The hatch of the new multi-segment Toyota can be split in two in "urban" mode – enabling it to be loaded from the side when there is little space available – and then opened upwards in "outdoor" setting, creating a shelter in the event of inclement weather. The opening setting is selected via a grip that is easy to rotate, even in winter with thick gloves.

The FT-4X also has a reinforced flat roof with four attachment points for transporting additional equipment, coupled with electrical outlets that can power up accessories fixed to the roof or camping apparatus.



Adjustable, interchangeable features


The FT-4X is inspired by the classic Land Cruisers, but has plenty of innovation courtesy of its various adjustable features. The glass on the driver’s side vertical panoramic window for example is interchangeable, and available in a number of opaque and tinted colours.

The light inside the cabin can also be removed and used as a torch, and the dome light can serve as an emergency locator transmitter. And the innovations keep on coming: the door handles can be filled with water and used as drink bottles, the middle arm rest has a North Face sleeping bag tucked inside it, and the multimedia sound system on the dashboard even works as a portable hi-fi system, as reported by


A utility vehicle that is ready for adventure 


The FT-4X is ready for adventure, with its GoPro Hero5 sessions camera integrated into the driver’s rear-view mirror. It also has two areas for storing food located in the hatch: one that heats, the other that refrigerates.

The dividing console also has ventilation holes for drying wet clothes, and the arm rests and dash include further storage areas. The vehicle is also divided into three zones, meaning that passengers can be separated or wet, dirty clothes put in a different section, while the rear cargo zone floor is fully flat, and has a roof with rails and hooks.

According to Toyota, the FT-4X is expected to go on the market in the next two-to-three years and at around the same price as the RAV4, i.e. between US$ 30,000 and US$ 45,000 dollars according to the specifications.


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