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Mar 14, 2019,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Oral-B Genius X: when artificial intelligence meets the humble toothbrush

At the latest edition of the Mobile World Congress, global oral hygiene specialist Oral-B unveiled a new model of electric toothbrush called Genius X. Its main feature is that it is equipped with artificial intelligence designed to give the user a perfect personalised brushing experience.


Artificial intelligence is very much on the rise and has inspired various new projects over the course of recent months in a whole host of different domains. And thus it is that Oral-B, a world leader in oral hygiene and specialist in electric toothbrushes, has come up with a new smart device, according to French website ObjetConnecté.net.


AI capable of learning the perfect brush


While the new project is likely to bring a smile to people’s faces in more ways than one, it is a serious invention as opposed to a mere gadget. "Genius X" is the result of collaboration between the toothbrush specialist and a team of dentists and researchers. 

A form of artificial intelligence has been specially developed for the project which is said to be capable of learning by analysing thousands of brushing techniques to work out which the best one is for each user.


Personalised coaching via a mobile application


Based on the position of your toothbrush, the Genius X will analyse your movements during brushing then provide you with results, accessible via a mobile application. In less scientific and more concrete terms, the IA will tell you for example if you have forgotten certain areas, or if you have not used enough – or too much – pressure in others. A personalised brushing coach, if you will…

After each brush, the application will give you a score and advice on how to achieve perfect brushing for your teeth. While Oral-B has said that the Genius X model could well be on the shelves from September 2019, they have not yet said how much it will cost.


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