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Jun 2, 2017,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Pick up the scent of travel with Thalys in railway stations this summer

As of next August in four of the European railway stations which it serves, Thalys will be helping travellers to discover the main destinations in their network by means of smells that are associated with the cities. This highly original campaign designed to appeal to the senses will be promoting the various cities throughout the summer.

Having already tested the concept during the brief "Scents of the City" promotion in a Brussels art gallery in Belgium, Thalys will be launching the first ever olfactory travel agency this August. Travellers will be able to pick up the scent in railway stations in Paris and Brussels, as well as a city in Germany, with Cologne and Dusseldorf being the two candidates.

The campaign will showcase various destinations using scents that travellers will automatically associate with the cities or famous local specialities.


Speculoos in Brussels, gouda cheese in Amsterdam


Potential tourists will be able to discover the smell of speculoos biscuits and absinthe as if they were in Brussels, as well as the gouda cheese with cumin and hibiscus tea that are so popular in Amsterdam.

Thalys travellers will be able to get a whiff of each destination courtesy of 16 tubes filled with olfactory granules, according to an article in french daily Le Parisien. Once they are on the scent, they will be able to read through brochures to find out more about the city in question.



A journey of the senses


The sensory campaign has Paris represented by the smell of the honey made by the bees in the Opera house in the French capital, as well as fresh warm croissants, the famous hot chocolate at "Les Deux Magots" café and the candy floss sold at the fair in the Tuileries Garden.

"Each scent is associated with an exact address, and Thalys is offering travellers a multi-destination voyage of discovery throughout the summer, to be enjoyed with family and friends," a Thalys spokesperson said to belgian daily La Libre.

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