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Oct 5, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Ryanair rows back on new baggage fees for existing bookings

As of 1 November, Ryanair will no longer accept free hand luggage up to 10kg, a measure that will not now affect any passengers who booked their flights with the low-cost carrier before 1 September.

When Ryanair announced its new baggage policy in August it drew an angry response from passengers. From 1 November, free second hand luggage up to 10kg will be scrapped for non-priority customers, a rule that was also applied to existing bookings.

Passengers who had already booked non-priority tickets for travel after that date would have had to upgrade to a priority ticket for €8 or check in their second bag for €10. Ultimately, however, the airline has decided not to apply its new charges to bookings made before 1 September, as reported by BuyingBusinessTravel.


Christmas come early says Ryanair


Ryanair has sent an email to customers who booked flights on or before 31 August informing them that a free second checked 10kg bag has been added to their bookings.

The 50,000 passengers who had booked on or before 31 August and had paid to upgrade to a priority ticket have had the fee refunded but will still be allowed to travel as priority passengers.  Ryanair has described the move as a ‘pre-Christmas gift’ for passengers, adding that non-priority passengers “will not be penalised in any way by the introduction” of the new policy


A 40% increase in the carry-on bag allowance


All passengers booking our lowest fares after 31 August have chosen our €6 priority boarding fee (which allows them to bring two free carry-on bags) or have chosen our €8 10kg check bag service, or have chosen to pay no optional extra but will travel with our generous small carry-on bag allowance – which has been increased by 40 per cent – from 1 November, said Ryanair Chief Marketing Officer Kenny Jacobs.


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