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Aug 18, 2017,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Sabre: Personalization at the heart of travelers' expectations

Sabre and Yougov publish the results of a new study into the personalization of travel...


According to a study recently published by Sabre and Yougov, companies working in the tourism sector could increase their sources of revenue and drive loyalty in their customers by including more personalization in terms of travel.

65% of those surveyed consider personalization of services to be an important point, with that percentage rising to 74% for 18–24-year-olds. The study also provides some advice on how to improve this element, as reported by


Enthusiasm among French travellers for personalized services


According to the Sabre/Yougov study, French travellers would be willing to pay €47 extra to get personalized services from an airline, and €42 for services from a hotel. 22% of millennials – those aged 18–24 – would pay up to 50 euros.

There is significant potential for increasing customer loyalty, since 35% of those surveyed – and as many as 42% of 18-24-year-olds – would be willing to commit to a personalized service provider.

The hard part for those working in tourism is getting data from clients who prefer not to be "categorised".


Combining business intelligence and predictivity in real time


"Businesses, hotels and airlines who are looking to keep their customers loyal need to understand the latter’s needs and preferences, and select the right methods of helping travellers in their research and ahead of their trip," explains Dimitri Tsygalnitzky, commercial director of Sabre. "Each traveller has different criteria – be it a more comfortable seat, speedy boarding or a better price."

A personalized offer thus enables the traveller to choose options that are the most appealing for the least cost. "Since travellers have budgets that can be stretched to a greater or lesser extent, personalization allows you to target the most attractive offer at the best price for the right traveller. That is the whole point of personalization – the link between the needs of the traveller (what I want at the price that I am willing to pay) and those of the airline (making the client happy at the best price)."


According to Tsygalnitzky, personalization needs to incorporate three elements:


1) Data, which are fed into predictive systems that can geolocate users and alert them of potential issues: 23% of those surveyed – and as many as 42% of 18–24-year-olds – would be willing to share this kind of information, since they think that receiving offers based on their location is relevant.

2) Communication by e-mail, text message or via applications during the stay: 49% of those asked prefer receiving information by e-mail, 41% by text message and 17% via apps, while just 14% like communication in person, and 11% by telephone.

New methods of communication are particularly favoured by 18-24-year-olds, with 53% of them liking e-mails, 52% text messages and 42% apps, while just 21% prefer communication in person.

3) Mobile and connected devices should be targeted to gather all of the relevant data, analyse them and draw the best conclusions.


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