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Apr 24, 2019,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Samsung: Firevase – the vase designed to put out fire

A vase that serves two functions, capable not only of holding flowers but also putting out domestic fires when thrown at them like a grenade, is the amazing new product on offer from Samsung in South Korea. It was initially designed to be a tool to create awareness of the importance of owning a fire extinguisher, but the Firevase has become so unexpectedly popular among South Koreans that a new production run is about to be launched.

Photo credits: YouTube screenshot/SamsungfireTalk

Other than the fact that a few Galaxy S7 smartphones may have caught fire, there would appear to be no link between Samsung and domestic blazes, but Samsung’s Fire & Marine Insurance sector is now selling fire extinguishers in the form of – believe it or not – a vase, according to French website Objet Connecté, which outlined the origins of this unusual project launched by the Korean tech giants.

Gadget designed to create awareness among the population

The Samsung Firevase looks at first sight to be an ordinary vase for flowers, but it contains an air chamber filled with potassium carbonate, a substance capable of cooling very rapidly and above all suppressing oxygen by exploding, and which is found in certain fire extinguishers. When thrown like a grenade, the Firevase can put out an accidental fire that is just starting.

The object was manufactured by a company called Cheil Worldwide and had an initial production run of 100,000, with the aim being to create awareness among the South Korea population of how to act when faced with a domestic fire. Fewer than 60% of South Koreans own a fire extinguisher, and only 22% of them know how to use it properly, despite the fact that is has been a legal requirement since 2017. Statistics show that 1,535 people have been killed and 9,143 injured by fires in the country over the past five years.

Over 8% of households in South Korea have fitted an extinguisher thanks to the Firevase

The Samsung awareness campaign has proven to be a real success, with 8% more households in South Korea now equipped with an extinguisher. Another more unexpected consequence has been that fact that the Firevase – which was originally designed as a mere gadget to get people talking – has become a trend among South Koreans, with Cheil WorldWide now set to manufacture another 200,000 vases. Who knows whether the vase will make it over to Europe one day, and enjoy similar success?

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