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Samsung Electronics chose the CES 2018 to present its new platform destined for driverless vehicles and in-car on-board entertainment, developed in conjunction with Harman International.

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – the primary trade fair for the technology industry which was held 7 – 12 January in Las Vegas – Samsung unveiled a platform dedicated to driverless vehicles and on-board in-car entertainment.

The platform has been developed with Harman International – a US firm that was bought out by the South Korean electronics giants last year – and which consists of a camera fitted with lane-departure and collision warning systems, and also adjustable speed control, according to a Reuters article published 9 January and relayed by Usine Nouvelle.


Samsung making driverless vehicles a priority


Samsung purchased the US Harman International group in March 2017 for 8 billion US dollars (around 6.7 billion euros). This was the largest ever foreign acquisition by a South Korean company, and demonstrated the group’s desire to develop its presence in the automotive electronics sector and in particular when it comes to autonomous cars, whose growth figures are the most sustained in the field of new technologies.

The electronics giant also announced in September 2017 that it was creating a strategic division specialising in driver assistance services and driverless vehicles, whilst also setting aside a budget of 300 million dollars to be invested in start-ups developing innovative solutions in the same fields.


Platform based on augmented reality and an automated learning system


Samsung’s innovative platform consists of a system with an ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) camera pointing forwards and which works using automated learning and augmented reality. The system features lane departure and collision warning, pedestrian detection and automatic emergency braking.

Samsung also unveiled a "digital cockpit" – a system which makes it possible for drivers to personalise a vehicle, even if it belongs to someone else, simply by means of their smartphone and cloud services.

Another joint Samsung and Harman project was presented, with the aim of this one being to integrate "5G" – i.e. fifth generation – mobile phone technologies on-board cars. According to the two groups, this project is already part of an agreement with "a leading European automotive manufacturer".


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