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Oct 13, 2017,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Security: MagicStay asks business travellers for their opinion

MagicStay has just published a survey in which 600 business travellers from France, Germany and the United Kingdom were asked their opinion about safety on business trips.

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A number of studies have recently been published regarding the sensitive issue of safety during business trips.

One of these studies is the, CWT Connected Traveler Study, a survey published by CWT travel agency just a few days ago. According to this international survey, 46% of business travellers feel worried about their safety, while 67% of them think that their trips are not as dangerous as they have been in previous years. An accommodation website specialising in business tourism, MagicStay, has just published a study carried out in June on 600 European business travellers from France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Here are some of its main findings.


A feeling of insecurity among German travellers 


The results of MagicStay's survey reveal that less than a third of business travellers (30%) have felt unsafe during a business trip, but that percentage goes up to an average of 36% in German travellers.

The traveller's gender does not seem to have a significant influence on this finding, as the survey shows that 32% of women have felt unsafe, compared with 29% of men.


Choose your accommodation and neighbourhood wisely 


How can this situation be improved? According to the travellers surveyed by MagicStay, choosing accommodation wisely is particularly important (55%), as is the neighbourhood in which the accommodation is located (52%). In third position is the option of travelling with security staff, which half of these businesspeople have chosen to do (50%).

Other precautions were also popular: the idea of constant geolocation was particularly well-received by French travellers (though only a third of the total travellers asked (34%), as was the idea of a strictly-monitored timetable. A final solution − travelling with other people − was favoured by around a quarter of the business travellers surveyed (27%).


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