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Nov 21, 2017,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Self-driving cars: Bosch launches connected repair workshop aimed at garages of the future

Bosch presented its brand new connected workshop in October in Paris, designed for the maintenance and repair of vehicles equipped with advanced driver assistance systems. The German engineering and electronics giant is hoping to win over drivers by providing a faster, streamlined service, while looking to the future and how it will deal with self-driving cars.

At its stand at the Paris Equip Auto trade fair, Bosch presented the new "Bosch Car Service", a connected workshop aimed at vehicles equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The German engineering and electronics giant is hoping to gradually fit out its 570 garages in France with this new service, with the long-term aim being to service and repair the self-driving cars of the future.


Appointments necessary to prepare the workshop for the vehicle’s arrival


At the trade fair, held from 17 –21 October and which brought together those in the automotive after-sales and service industries, French car magazine L’Argus reports that visitors were able to try out a fully operational version of this hi-tech workshop. In reality, owners of vehicles will be required to make an appointment on line, for the vehicle to be registered and identified before it is brought it and the necessary functions to be prepared thanks to the registration process.

Since this garage of the future will service all models equipped with ADAS, plenty of vehicles will be able to benefit from Bosch’s services, particularly since the technology will not be reserved purely for top-of-the-range cars. "The workshop is capable of meeting the burgeoning needs of new vehicles equipped with ADAS," explains Thierry Leblanc, MD Aftermarket France and Benelux for Bosch. "It also meets the new needs of the consumer."


Connected repair system


Using the Bosch Car Service will save time and make lives simpler for drivers courtesy of the streamlined repair process. "Thanks to the connected workshop, we can improve productivity by 20% – 30% and optimise the customer path," Leblanc adds.

In actual terms, the new workshop is based on a connected repair (CoRe) system which uses telematics and IT to steer machines that are designed to carry out evaluations on different key elements such as air conditioning, headlights and running gear, where the settings need to be checked. Tyre wear is also determined by using an innovative new laser method designed by Bosch.


Database of breakdowns and solutions


Via its electronic breakdown research (EBR) system, Bosch Car Service can also make use of an international database which catalogues all examples of malfunctions that have previously been encountered. Information on 500,000 cases, along with the necessary methods of repair, is already available.

The company is now ready to tackle the next stage of its project, namely configuring its connected workshop to handle, service and repair the driverless cars of the future.


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