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May 30, 2019,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

"Sero": Samsung dreams up a vertical television screen to appeal to millennials hooked on smartphones

The main feature of Samsung’s new model of television, called the "Sero", is a pivoting screen which can be watched horizontally or vertically. The latter is a similar configuration to smartphones, and the Korean tech giant is hoping to tap into the millennials generation who are used to seeing images filmed by mobile telephones. The TV, which has a minimalist design, will go on sale at the end of May in South Korea. 

Photo credits: Samsung

In an effort to respond to what might potentially be a desire of the Millennials, Samsung has unveiled a new model of television, the Sero. It comes with an original feature that catches the eye straight away, namely that its screen is vertical. Or more accurately, as US tech media website The Verge reports, its 43-inch screen (i.e. about a metre in metric terms) can pivot and be positioned either widthways or lengthways, as is already the case for certain computer screens.

Works for streaming music and as a photo frame

It is a multi-purpose screen which Samsung is hoping will win over a generation for whom vertical video content on smartphones has become the norm, without unsettling the rest of the potential clientele. The television will also enable images filmed via smartphone to be watched. It has been announced that it will go on sale in South Korea at the end of 2019, but the device has been on display since 29 April in a pop-up store that the brand set up in the country’s capital, Seoul.

The new television is going to sell for 1.89 million won, which is a little under 1,600 dollars, according to Phonandroid. As with other devices made by the tech giant, this vertical model comes fitted with the Bixby smart assistant as standard. And again like all recent Samsung televisions, the Sero will have speakers that also make it a device for playing music. In its vertical configuration, it resembles a giant mobile telephone, and also has a functionality to display photos.

Part concept, part conventional TV

The fact that the Sero is being displayed in Seoul alongside other products from the brand, along with the price and official date of sale being announced, means that this astonishing television set is unlikely to be a mere prototype. Nevertheless, Samsung has always described the model as a "concept".

Its sleek, resolutely minimalist design, and in particular its navy blue stand, demonstrates that the brand is looking to win over future purchasers who are interested both in technology and in having an attractive piece of furniture in their lounges.

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Cover photo credits: Samsung

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