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Feb 8, 2019,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Skiing holidays: Sales on the rise among students

Ski resorts are attracting ever fewer clients, but the trend seems to be on the turn among students. A specialist online agency has recorded a 25% increase in sales in the last year thanks to new offers that are matched to the requirements and budget of this type of clientele. It is now down to tourism professionals to revamp the ski resorts’ image.

More and more students are booking skiing holidays, a client base that has become vital for the ski industry. Student travel specialists Golden Voyages reported that they have seen a 25% increase in ski holiday bookings compared with last winter. The average budget for students booking this type of holiday is 335 euros, according to Le Quotidien du Tourisme.


Risoul is number one for students


Skiing has suffered a fall in popularity over the last five years. However, students are showing an increased interest in the resorts of Orcières 1850, Les Menuires and La Plagne. But the company’s first polls of the winter have shown that the young skiers’ favourite resort is still Risoul, in the southern Alps. To maintain the momentum of last winter, during which 30,000 young adults went skiing with Golden Voyages, the agency has adapted its offer to match its clients.

They now offer holidays that combine skiing with other sports or cultural activities, as well as promoting holidays for young graduates who have had enough of group holidays. Packages that target clients under the age of 28 have also been marketed on online platforms that Golden Voyages previously did not use.


Young people no longer want to ski


One of the aims is to develop the image of skiing holidays among students. “The young adults we surveyed said that ski resorts are uncool,” laments  Yariv Abehsera, president and founder of Golden Voyages.

The group is therefore working to make skiing holidays more accessible to young adults, and “encourage industry professionals to revamp their services.” Yariv Abehsera believes that “it is vital that young people reconnect with the mountains. When we see that more than 50% of people aged 15-25 who take part in outdoor activities have never skied, it is urgent that we propose a suitable, affordable offer that is straightforward to book and plan.”


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