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Apr 23, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Smart home: Philips Hue release a new range of outdoor lighting

Announced at the latest CES trade fair, the new range of Philips outdoor lighting has just been unveiled and includes a spotlight, a bollard light, a wall light and a post light.


Last month, Philips – who alluded to a new collection of outdoor lights at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, though without giving any further details – presented a collection of new products that mark a turning point for the Hue ecosystem. The "Hue Lily" spotlight, "Hue Calla" bollard light, "Hue Lucca" wall light and "Hue Tuar" post light are the latest releases from the leading connected lighting company, reports French website Les Numériques.


A new variety of products to fulfil all requirements


While Philips clients had become used to factual product names, such "Hue White and Color Ambiance (E27)", "Hue Candle White Ambiance (E14)" and "Hue LightStrip", the brand’s new products carry more exotic names.

But the newest feature of the new Hue range – which is made up of a spotlight, a bollard light, a post light and a wall light – resides in its variety, with products that can be installed in a garden, on a terrace or even along a pathway, fulfilling all outdoor lighting requirements.



Intelligent lights which can be controlled using the Hue application


Just like the indoor lights designed by Philips, the products in this new outdoor collection communicate through ZigBee with a bridge that connects to the household’s internet portal. They enable you to choose between white light – warm or cold – or coloured light, with a palette of 16 million hues.

The "Hue Lily" spotlight, "Hue Calla" bollard light, "Hue Lucca" wall light and "Hue Tuar" post light can be controlled using the Hue app, and by voice command using Alexa, Siri or Google.

Philips will begin to market this outdoor range in July. The Philips Hue Lily base unit pack, which will include three light points and all the accessories you need to get started, will be priced at EUR 299. The Philips Hue Calla base unit pack will retail for EUR 139.99. Prices start at EUR 69.99 for the "Lucca" and "Tuar" models.


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