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Jan 23, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

SmartHalo: The connected assistant that helps cyclists get around cities

Canadian company CycleLabs have developed SmartHalo, a connected solution designed to help cyclists to get around in urban environments. 

After raising more than 500,000 dollars in funding with a Kickstarter campaign, Canadian group CycleLabs was able to realise its SmartHalo project, a connected assistant that helps cyclists to get around cities thanks to its navigational and safety features. This Bluetooth system, which is compatible with iOS and Android, is now available for €149, reports French-speaking website


Ergonomic and versatile design


SmartHalo, whose stripped-down design is reminiscent of an Apple product, can be quickly installed in around 10 minutes. It can be adapted to fit all kinds of bicycle thanks to its adjustable fixing system. As well as being sleek and aesthetically-pleasing, it is also ergonomic: the commands are easy to access and react quickly.  

Even though it is waterproof, and can therefore be used even in the rain, the device can be removed easily. It is also very resistant. It’s only weakness is that sometimes the commands are too sensitive


Works with or without an app, thanks to its touch screen


The SmartHalo can be used with or without its app: the touch screen gives direct access to most of the device’s features. The user is the only person who can remove the device from the bike using their smartphone, which acts as a kind of lock and can be used with or without the alarm function. 

CycleLabs have also equipped the device with a code made up of short or long taps, a bit like a Morse code, which must be entered when you set up the device. Thanks to this code, users can activate the alarm even if they do not have their smartphone to hand. SmartHalo is also equipped with a light, which can be switched on or off with a simple tap. 


An instinctive and accurate GPS 


In addition to its locking system, alarm and integrated light, further SmartHalo features can be accessed via the app: namely the device’s GPS, which is highly accurate and gives the user’s itinerary in a straightforward and innovative way, using lights. The application can be used as a sports coach, and sends light signals if the user receives a call or text message. All of the device’s functions are easy to set.

There is currently a similar system on the market, HAIKU, created by a French manufacturer, which is also attached to the handlebars and can be used as a GPS, call assistant and sports coach. It is cheaper than the SmartHalo at €129 and can be fitted directly onto the bike using a system of clips, but is more like a traditional GPS – showing the direction with arrows and giving the number of metres – and is less intuitive and less visually-attractive.


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