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Sep 11, 2019,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Snapchat unveils new augmented reality sunglasses with a second camera for taking even better photos

Following two previous launches that met with a lukewarm response, Snapchat owners Snap have come up with a third version of its augmented reality sunglasses. Retailing at €370 and going by the name of Spectacles 3, the new glasses feature two cameras with a suite of 3D effects. A Bluetooth connection allows users to share their images on Snapchat straightaway. The sunglasses are now available to pre-order.

Photo credits: Snap Inc/Handout via REUTERS

On 13 August Snap presented the latest version of its augmented reality sunglasses, Spectacles 3, the third to be launched by the Snapchat owners, as reported by BFMTV. The company has put a higher price tag on this new product, which will retail at €370, significantly more than the €175 its predecessors cost.

3D images

Spectacles 3 are already available to pre-order, with the first pairs to be delivered this autumn, according to Snap’s product website, which also reveals that unlike the two previous versions, this one has not one but two cameras. It’s a feature that allows it to take 3D images that can be shared immediately on Snapchat.

Photo subjects can also be separated from the background, as shown in the demo video on Twitter, creating an original visual effect that is, according to Snap, “a new way to capture the world in 3D”.  Users can synchronise, transfer and upload images online by connecting to their phones over Bluetooth.

Sleek design

The rounded sunglasses are available in two colours: “carbon” (a dark grey) and “mineral” (a metallic beige). They are made of stainless steel, a light material that makes them “stylish, hard-wearing and comfortable”, and come in a protective full-grain leather case that can be folded up when empty.

Known for its hugely popular social network, which registers 3.5 billion posts every day, Snap is aiming to break into the connected objects market. It has yet to meet with any great success, however. Only 150,000 pairs of the previous versions of Spectacle were sold, in 2017, this despite several hundred thousand having been pre-ordered.

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