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American company JetPack Aviation have developed a flying motorbike, which is already available to pre-order.  Originally designed for the army, the bike is now on sale to the general public, and one version can even be flown without a pilot’s license. Called Speeder, the aircraft will be able to reach peak speeds of over 150mph.


Jetpack Aviation, who first became known for their JB10 jet pack, are now marketing a flying motorbike that takes to the air thanks to a system of mini turbines. The Californian company has made it available to pre-order for 380,000 dollars, including a 10,000 dollar deposit, reports website Futura-Sciences.


A machine originally designed for soldiers


Originally developed for the American army, the Speeder is now available to the general public. Equipped with four turbines producing a maximum thrust of 705lb, this flying machine can take off vertically, carrying a pilot weighing a maximum of 240lb plus the 231lb bike. Self-stabilising, it is said to be as easy to ride as a Segway.

As for performance, this flying motorbike can reach maximum speeds of over 150mph, a maximum altitude of nearly 15,000ft, and has up to 20 minutes’ endurance. It is equipped with back-up systems in case anything breaks down, and can hover like a quadcopter drone.


An ultralight version that can be flown without a licence


The Speeder reactor can be fuelled with kerosene (Jet A-1) or diesel, which has similar properties. As for navigation tools, it has a radio system and a 12-inch screen.

JetPack announced that their flying motorbike, which they say already conforms with FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) standards, will be available in two different versions: the first, ultralight but twice as slow, can be piloted without a licence, while the second, called the Experimental Version, will require a private pilot’s licence.


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