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Jul 6, 2019,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Tesla: range of over 640 km coming soon, says Elon Musk

The latest Teslas could soon be able to go over 640 kilometres before having recharge the battery of their electric engines, Elon Musk said on 11 June. A range of this kind is already close to what the brand’s current high-performance models are capable of achieving, so while technological improvements are always of interest, it remains to be seen how useful this would be in practical terms for the driver.


Elon Musk announced on Tuesday 11 June that Tesla could soon be marketing electric vehicles with greater autonomy. The co-founder and CEO of the brand even went so far as to say that it might be possible to cover 400 miles (around 643 kilometres) before having to recharge the battery, as reported by French website Electrek which specialises in reporting on electric vehicles. "It’s coming soon," the billionaire promised at a Tesla shareholder meeting in California.


Tesla already ahead of the pack


While this appears an enticing prospect, the brand’s current models already have a greater range than other fully electric cars on the market, with Musk taking the opportunity to congratulate the team of engineers in charge of energy management for Tesla models, both for the quality of their work to date and the constant improvements which they have made to the autonomy of the vehicles.

Musk also underlined the fact that Teslas provide the best performance in the world in terms of distance covered on one charge, and that the range of his vehicles has been ahead of the competition since 2012. The company is not resting on its laurels however, and is continuing to work on developing even more efficient systems, with the aim being to reach the 400-mile threshold by the end of the year, according to the website.


What practical use?


The Tesla Model S Long Range already has an autonomy of 370 miles (over 595 kilometres) which is the best on the market. The Model 3 meanwhile can reach an autonomy of 560 kilometres according to another website, Presse-Citron. With performances like these, questions can be asked about the relevance of having even more efficient batteries. Beyond the obvious value of technological innovations, what is the real interest for motorists in being able to cover such distances without having to charge?

In North America, the vast majority of car journeys do not go beyond 30 miles (just under 50 kilometres), and 95% of the population do not need a range of over 200 miles or 320 kilometres. In the rare cases of car journeys that get up to 400 miles – the threshold mentioned by Musk – drivers would need to take a break en route which would allow them the time to recharge their battery.


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