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The Tesla Model X police cars ordered at the start of the year have just been delivered to the forces of law and order in Basle. Photos and a video shared on social networks provide a glimpse of the specially modified vehicles that will make police interventions easier.

A fleet of seven Tesla Model X 100D SUVs were ordered by police in the city of Basle in March this year. The vehicles, which are destined to replace the conventional diesel-fuelled car, were delivered at the end of November, according to French website Numerama. Police officers published photos and a video on social networks (Facebook and Instagram) of the Model X cars, which had been modified to meet the specific needs of the forces of law and order.


Modified for the forces of law and order


Among the modifications requested by the Basle police force, the white Teslas have been fitted with blue lights to signal that they are on duty, as demonstrated on the official Instagram account of the force. 

The electric vehicles have also been personalised to enable police officers to use the controls more quickly. Access to the blue flashing lights in particular has been made easier, while the famous large screen fitted to the Model X has been kept, despite being rather cumbersome. 


Additional cost of over 40,000 euros per vehicle


Compared with traditional police vehicles, these Tesla Model Xs require an additional cost of over 40,000 euros – a sum which provoked an outcry when the orders were first announced. They are, however, a long-term investment according to Numerama, since maintenance of the Teslas should be less costly and their resale value is set to remain higher.


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