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Dec 11, 2017,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Tesla unveils electric semi-trailer with futuristic design

Tesla Motors recently unveiled a model of electric truck fitted with four engines. The vehicle will be able to run for 800 kilometres without charging its batteries, and go from 0–100 km/h in five seconds.

On 16 November, Tesla unveiled the latest in its range of electric vehicles – a semi-trailer truck with an incredibly futuristic style. At a conference held in Hawthorne in the USA, where the company’s design team offices are located, CEO Elon Musk outlined the characteristics of the vehicle which could be set to revolutionise ecological road transport. Production of the truck could begin at the end of 2019.


800-kilometre range on the highway


In terms of design, the Tesla truck looks part semi-trailer, part high-speed train, with its sober colours and futuristic new look. More than the design, however, Musk was keen to showcase the technical details of his company’s latest creation to the 100 or so people who attended the presentation.

According to the 46-year-old CEO, the electric engines and the batteries will give the truck a range of 800 kilometres at typical highway speeds and with a full load.


Each wheel has its own engine electric


Musk also focused on the performance, pointing out that "80% of journeys are less than 400 kilometres, which means that you can travel to your destination and back without having to recharge". Despite its size, the truck can also go from nought to almost 100 km/h in barely five seconds, and each of the four wheels of the vehicle is driven by its own independent engine.

The security aspect has not been neglected either by the US manufacturer’s engineers, with the truck set to feature the same driver aids as Tesla cars, including an emergency breaking system, anti-blind-spot cameras and a lane-change alert.


Electric truck cheaper than a diesel model


The Tesla Motors CEO also had good news when it came to the price of this new innovation, stating that a semi-trailer with a diesel engine would cost 20% more than one of his company’s trucks once insurance and fuel prices are taken into account.

Furthermore, to adapt to pre-existing facilities, the Tesla truck is compatible with standard trailer models and can be recharged at each of the 1,000 "supercharger" stations available around the world.



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