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Feb 9, 2019,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Tesla will give a Model 3 to anyone who manages to hack the car’s system

A Model 3 car and a cash prize of up to 250,000 euros: this is the generous reward that Tesla are offering to the computer hacker that manages to find a security flaw in their vehicle’s system. This challenge will be set at the next Pwn2Own contest in Vancouver. 

At the 13th Pwn2Own competition, which will be held in Vancouver in March, Tesla will challenge computer hackers to get into the security system of the Model 3. Various prizes are up for grabs for those who manage to hack into the car’s system, reports Presse-Citron.


Pwn2Own, an annual get-together for the world’s best hackers


The prestigious Pwn2Own contest, which brings together the world’s best “white hat” (ethical) hackers every year in British Columbia, gives participants the opportunity to rise to high-level technological challenges while allowing companies to put their systems to the test.

Microsoft, Apple and Google regularly use this event to test their web browsers, computers and even their smartphones.


A Model 3 and up to 250,000 euros in prize money for the winner


Several companies have already conformed that they will take part in the 2019 edition of the competition, including Microsoft, Adobe, VMware, Oracle and Tesla.

In order to attract the world’s best hackers, and in accordance with Pwn2Own tradition, Elon Musk’s company has announced that one of its cars, worth 44,000 dollars, will be gifted to the person who manages to hack its security system. This prize will go hand in hand with a cash prize of between 35,000 and 250,000 euros, depending on the type of computer flaw exploited and the methods used by the winner.


An opportunity for Tesla


In order to win, participants must uncover a “zero day”, that is, a vulnerability that Tesla have not yet identified and for which there is currently no correction. Tesla have determined six main criteria that will decide how much prize money is awarded. Hacking into Autopilot, the Model 3’s assisted driving system, would reap the highest reward.

During Pwn2Own 2015, participants managed to hack the Tesla Model S dashboard using a simple tablet. Thankfully, this significant security flaw has since been corrected by the company. 


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