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Elon Musk recently unveiled various new features that will enrich the gaming range and videos accessible on-board Tesla vehicles. At a conference held on 13 June as part of the E3 trade fair in Los Angeles, the billionaire said that YouTube and the video game "Fallout Shelter" would be added to the in-car entertainment systems, with the aim of allowing passengers to "kill time", for example while their Tesla is charging.

Tesla is set to further enrich the list of functionalities and entertainment available in its vehicles with the arrival of YouTube, with Elon Musk announcing on 13 June that the video platform would be accessible via the touch-screen of the on-board system. The CEO and co-founder of the automotive manufacturer was speaking at a conference held on the final day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the famous video-game trade fair held in Los Angeles.


YouTube available as of the next update?


While the billionaire did not provide a launch date, he had already given a clue in August 2018 according to website TechCrunch. When an Internet user asked him for more details on the future compatibility of Tesla systems with YouTube, Musk explained that version 10 of the programme would be when the video streaming application would be available. Tesla launched version 9 of the software last year.

More recently, the flamboyant businessman mentioned that the company was looking to expand access to third-party developers when it comes to applications and games, with the aim of making the on-board system a genuine platform. Experts have also ventured that if YouTube were to be included in Teslas, other programmes, sites and services would follow, with French website Presse-Citron talking of Netflix and Hulu.


Gaming offer also to be expanded


It was no coincidence that Musk chose a video game fair to make his announcement, with new additions to the on-board gaming range also mentioned. The Tesla boss, accompanied on stage by a representative of game publisher Bethesda Softworks, announced that it would soon be possible to play Fallout Shelter on-board his vehicles – a game released in 2015 on Android mobiles where players get to manage an atomic bomb shelter after a major catastrophe, 01net reports.


System used when idling, to "kill time"


A roll-out of Beach Buggy Racing 2 which can be played via the steering wheel of the electric vehicle was also presented to the public at E3, and could in time be added to the range of games which now includes Cuphead, available in Teslas since early June.

This entertainment offer is obviously only for periods when the vehicle is stationary, with the purpose of these various functionalities being to enable the driver to "kill time" according to Musk, for example when the Tesla battery is being recharged.


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