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Nov 24, 2017,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

The American health authorities approve a new robotic system for surgery

Recently approved by the American health authorities, the Senhance robotic surgical system promises great things. The directors of the company that created the system believe that Senhance will increase both comfort and control for surgeons when performing certain operations, and will benefit everybody, from practitioners to patients. 


The partially-robotic Senhance system, which was created for use in surgery by TransEnterix, a company specialising in laparoscopy innovations, recently got the green light from the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Before the system could go on the market, the FDA had to give its approval, after studying the results of the clinical trials.


Given the go-ahead after conclusive clinical trials


As explained on the Health Data Management website, the trials in question were carried out on 150 patients undergoing various gynaecological operations. The supervisors closely studied the contribution, effectiveness and safety of the system, which is designed to make mildly-invasive operations easier.

They felt that the clinical results of the operations carried out with the assistance of TransEnterix’s latest innovation were satisfactory, after comparing them with data from nearly 8,000 gynaecological operations carried out using other robotic systems. 


Patients, hospitals and surgeons can benefit from Senhance


The positive conclusions drawn by the agency delighted the directors of the company that developed the product, which is based in Durham, North Carolina (United States). Todd Pope, president and CEO of TransEnterix, sees this approval as “a key step in the development” of Senhance and hopes that this technology will benefit “patients, surgeons and hospitals.”

Specifically, doctors using the system have an interface with a high-definition, 3D view of the surgical site in front of them. They can then control three separated articulated arms from a distance. The surgeon can use traditional coloscopy instruments while assessing the rigidity of the tissues in contact with the articulated arms. TransEnterix focuses on the fact that this latest innovation has never before been included in any other robotic surgery platform.


No more inaccurate and uncomfortable manual instruments


The American company believes that Senhance is a great step forward. “Millions of surgical procedures in the US are performed each year laparoscopically with basic manual tools that limit surgeons' capability, comfort and control. New choices are needed that enhance the senses, control and comfort of the surgeon, minimise the invasiveness of surgery for the patient, and maximise value for the hospital,” announced Todd Pope.


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