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Dec 20, 2019,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

The “bleisure” boom : Survey finds that business travellers feel the benefits of work trip

According to a survey by specialist website CWT, most business travellers now regard their work trips as a positive rather than a negative, prompting the rise of what has become known as “bleisure”

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The vast majority of business travellers enjoy getting out of their routine on their work trips, according to a survey published on 8 October 2019 by CWT, a world leader in business travel and leisure management. Such trips also give them a chance to enjoy a little leisure time and see other parts of the world. 

As reported by the website Voyages d’affaires, the survey shows that the positives of business travel now outweigh the negatives. 

Better working relationships 

The survey found that travellers from the Americas are by far the most enthusiastic about going on business trips, followed by their Asia-Pacific counterparts and then European business travellers. 

According to the results of the CWT survey, as published by Voyages d’affaires38% of French business travellers enjoy these trips because they give them an opportunity to get to know people better, while 29% said they help develop trust and improve telephone and email interaction. 

Bleisure gaining ground 

“Travelling to a new destination, meeting someone face-to-face for the first time, networking with people that can help you to advance your business as well as your career and getting out of the work routine are some of the most exciting factors associated to business travel, according to our findings,” said Niklas Andréen, Executive VP and Chief Traveller Experience Officer at CWT. “It’s important that we recognise the true value that travellers find in their travels, and understand what provides the most positive benefits while on the road.” 

The survey also found that companies are becoming more supportive of bleisure, allowing their employees to extend business trips for private purposes. Some 76% said they were happy for employees to add some leisure time to the end of their work trips.

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