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Nov 6, 2019,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

These are the world’s top 10 cities for startups

The list of the world’s cities with the strongest startup ecosystem was once again topped by San Francisco in 2019. The city scored considerably higher than New York and London, which came second and third respectively. Paris is down in 12th place. American cities did the best overall in these rankings, which were drawn up by Startup Blink and based on data provided by their 50,000 members.  


San Francisco is the city with the strongest startup ecosystem in the world. The Californian city topped the 2019 rankings drawn up by Startup Blink, who provide maps and data for young companies in the digital sector. Like it did in the previous rankings in 2017, San Francisco beat New York and London to the top spot. 


Rankings that consider quality and quantity  


As reported by Business Insider, to draw up these rankings Startup Blink compiled and compared several thousand pieces of data regarding the world’s largest cities. This information was supplied by the 50,000 or so stakeholders from the high-tech industry that make up the platform’s community.  

These stakeholders include companies as well as training establishments. The figures allowed Startup Blink to evaluate the cities in terms of the number of startups they host, the value and quality of said startups, and the working environment that the cities offer these companies.  


San Francisco is way out ahead 


San Francisco, the capital of Silicon Valley, finished way ahead of its competitors. The total score awarded to the winning city was 262.8, whereas New York, who came second, only got 55.9. The Californian city and its surrounding area has long been a breeding ground for high-tech companies. The sheer number of companies, as well as the number of startup accelerators and investors prepared to bankroll them, make San Francisco a key city in this sector. 

Six American cities feature in the top ten: New York, recognised for attracting big-name business from the all over the globe;  Los Angeles, which came fourth, namely thanks to its proximity to Silicon Valley; and Boston, which stands out thanks to the close relationship between its start-ups and its public institutions, namely universities. Not forgetting Chicago, in eighth place, and Seattle (home to Microsoft and Amazon) at number nine. 


London, the leading European city  


London, in third place, is the top European city in the rankings and boasts a strong ecosystem for developing innovative companies, including several unicorns, valued at over a billion dollars. Tel Aviv, where Waze and Viber have their registered offices, came in sixth, ahead of Berlin, which is home to a number of consumer-focused startups. Moscow and its 160,000 developers completes the Top 10. Paris finished in twelfth position, having slipped down two places in two years.


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