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The Japanese firm is in the process of developing a new electric car offering greater range than those of its competitors.


Toyota is reported to be working on an electric car powered by a new type of battery that significantly increases driving range and reduces charging time. The company is planning to start production in 2019, with the cars hitting the market in 2022. Toyota has announced that it aims to fit all its electric cars with this revolutionary battery, as reported by


New battery for electric cars only


Having long excelled in the hybrid market, Toyota is now turning its attention to zero emissions, following hard on the heels of its main rivals. The Japanese firm intends to leapfrog them by investing in a ground-breaking battery that comprises solid electrolytes rather than the liquid ones still used by other manufacturers and which are found in smartphones and other mobile terminals.

Toyota is training its new spearhead on the main weak point of electric cars: low battery life. Thanks to this new battery, which has a longer range, is more hard-wearing and is not prone to overheating, Toyota’s future car should deliver safe driving over longer distances.


Tesla partnership at an end


News of the demise of the long-running collaboration between Toyota and US manufacturer Tesla has just been announced. The Japanese carmaker said that with Tesla having now acquired a dominant position in the global electric car market – one that it also covets – the two were now competitors.

Tesla, whose Model S has just set a new hypermiling record of 901 kilometres, promises to be a very tough rival. As announced on its website, its new Tesla superchargers "provide up to 270 kilometres of range in as little as 30 minutes". In doing so, they deliver far more in the way of performance than existing electric cars on the market.

If the rumours are to be believed, however, it would seem that Toyota are in the process of developing technology that is just as effective, if not more so. There’s a pretty long distance between the lab bench and manufacturing," said CLSA auto analyst Christopher Richter, sounding a note of caution. "2022 is ages away, and a lot can change in the meantime."


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