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British train and bus booking platform Trainline has launched an innovative solution that provides customers with alerts updating them on any disruptions to their journeys. Launching in beta in Trainline’s app, the voice-operated feature has been made possible thanks to AI and big data.  



Trainline has developed a voice alert feature that gives its customers real-time updates on any disruptions to their journeys. Developed using artificial intelligence, a beta version of the alerts system is now available on the Trainline app, which is based on Google Assistant, as reported by Tom Travel


AI and big data 


Trainline’s new alerts system makes use of natural language processing and machine-learning and utilises data from the Twitter accounts of the UK’s train operators. The app has been described by its creators as more advanced than anything else currently available to British commuters. 

The solution ranks alerts in order of importance, determines which stations will be affected by the disruption, and assesses their effects on each train, all on a case by case basis. As a result, travellers will have access to information that shows them exactly which lines and services are disrupted.  


Simple voice commands 


“Is my train on time?” and “How is my commute doing?” are just some of the questions customers can put to the system, which will send alerts directly to them on the Trainline app. Customers are even shown the history of the disruption, so they can see its scale, when it started, and what is being done to fix it. 

“It’s another example of how Trainline is harnessing the power of AI, big data and voice tech to make travel a smoother experience for everyone,” said Dave Slocombe, senior director of product at Trainline. 


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