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Vision Urbanetic is the name of the new concept car that has just been announced by Mercedes. This future autonomous electric vehicle is fitted with two interchangeable sets of bodywork (one for personal transport, one for freight), and is the German brand’s new concept for handling urban traffic and underlining its position as a global mobility supplier.


10 September saw Mercedes unveil the Vision Urbanetic – an autonomous concept car dedicated to urban transport which is slated for release in 2030. The vehicle will have two interchangeable sets of bodywork on one chassis, and should be able to transport up to 12 passengers without a driver as well as delivering goods, according to BFMTV.


Two interchangeable sets of bodywork


One of the particular features of the Vision Urbanetic is that it will have two sets of bodywork on one chassis. The car will be fitted with an electric powertrain containing an electric engine, a battery and four wheels. Rather than designing two distinct models – one for passenger transport, the other for freight – the German manufacturer opted to develop one vehicle that can be adapted to what is needed.

For journeys from home to work (at the beginning and the end of the day), the chassis would be equipped with the people-carrier bodywork. Then for the rest of the day, that would be replaced by the two-level goods transport configuration, with the Vision Urbanetic, which is already 5.14 metres long, given a height of 3.7 metres to optimise the area given over to freight.


Autonomous electric concept car


To position themselves as a future global mobility supplier, Mercedes has decided to invent a new concept of urban traffic. The Vision Urbanetic autonomous vehicle will be able to deliver goods at the end of the day in virtual silence, providing a real advantage for cities where there is already a density of traffic and where noise pollution is a growing issue.

This innovative vehicle is the fruit of research carried out by the German giant in the fields of artificial intelligence, driverless cars and new forms of mobility. Mercedes have not yet said whether they will operate the vehicles themselves or if this will be given over to service-providers. They also recently pooled their car-sharing system with BMW, offering subscribers plans where they can borrow any model from either of the two companies’ ranges.


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