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Blue Diesel R33 is a fuel recently unveiled by Volkswagen that is partly made up of recycled biological matter, most notably used cooking oil. The German auto giant claims that its new product emits 20% less CO2 than standard diesels and is hoping to see plenty of service stations offering it to clients.

Volkswagen has developed a fuel comprising 33% biological matter recovered from waste, most notably used cooking oil. Called Blue Diesel R33, it is the result of work by the German brand’s engineers and meets EU standards for fuels, according to French daily Le Figaro. It is partly renewable and less polluting than regular diesel, whilst retaining all of the advantages.


All the advantages of diesel with less pollution


Engines that run on diesel have far greater autonomy and can often do as much as 1,000 kilometres on one tank – an important feature for those who drive a lot, particularly for their jobs. However, diesel vehicles emit significant amounts of pollution causing a real problem for the environment.

Engines powered by Blue Diesel R33 give off 20% less CO2 that standard diesel systems according to Volkswagen, who have had the fuel tested for nine months by some of their employees. The newspaper report does note, however, that it is not CO2 emissions that make diesel dangerous but actually the fines particles and nitrogen oxides, and the new fuel has not improved either of these.


Already available in the manufacturer’s service stations


Nevertheless, now that the test phase has been completed, Blue Diesel R33 is being stocked in Volkswagen service stations in Wolfsburg, with another trial being launched at the manufacturer’s factory in Salzgitter, both in Germany.

"We are preparing for a significant increase in demand for liquid fuels that are made from residual matter as well as modern biofuel," said project manager Thomas Garbe. "I hope that public service stations will also be offering R33 as a green fuel alternative in the near future." Shell Global Solutions is already selling the Volkswagen fuel.


Suitable for all diesel engines


Unlike other products developed with the same aim in mind, this more environmentally-friendly fuel has the advantage of being compatible with all diesel vehicles in circulation.

It also contributes to the recycling of certain waste products. Cooking oil for example is filtered to remove the impurities and then transformed into paraffin, which is then mixed with regular fuel to make Blue Diesel R33.


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