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Dec 27, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Wing: Google’s drone delivery service is launched in Europe

In spring 2019, packages could be delivered by drone in Finland! After successful trials in Australia, Google are now planning on bringing their Wing project to Europe. Various different types of merchandise could be delivered using this innovative solution, which also claims to be eco-friendly as the drones function 100% on electricity.


After Amazon and its Amazon Prime Air service, it is now the turn of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, to make its foray into drone deliveries in Europe. The project, called Wing, was presented by director James Ryan Burgess on 5th December in Helsinki, during Slush, a trade fair dedicated to start-ups and companies specialising in new technologies. Wing will be tested in Finland this winter, reports magazine Le Point, with the service due to be rolled out by the spring.


A service available in Finland from next spring


Google have already tested their drone delivery service in Australia, whose legislation is more lenient than in the United States, with a total of 60,000 flights successfully carried out in Queensland. The merchandise delivered included medicines, water, dog food and even burritos.

In order to conquer Europe, the firm has set its sights on Finland. “Based on what we know about the winter weather in Finland, we're pretty confident that if our drones can deliver here, they can deliver anywhere!” explained James Ryan Burgess. The Nordic country will be used as a crash test site for the Wing project. On a dedicated website, Finnish users will be asked to provide feedback and submit suggestions about the types of products they would like delivered.


A smaller carbon footprint thanks to its 100% electric motor 


According to Google, this drone delivery service is much more than just a gadget: it is a real eco-friendly solution. Tests carried out by the firm show that the carbon footprint of Wing deliveries is 16 to 22 times smaller than classic delivery services by car or lorry. 

The drones used by Wing, which can reach speeds of 120km/h and are available at the click of a button on a mobile app, are 100% electric and consume very little energy. 


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