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Sep 10, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Work-related trips : business travellers worried about the security of their data

65% of business travellers are worried about the security of their data during their trips according to a new study carried out by CWT. These concerns are well justified and could lead to better training from their employees. 


According to Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT), a mere 35% of business travellers are confident that their company’s data is secure when they go on work-related trips. The results of this study, which were published by French website, show that figures vary according to geographical area. 27% of travellers living in Europe and 28% of those in Asia-Pacific trust the security of their data, compared with 46% of US travellers. In France for example, only 19% feel reassured when they set off on business travel.

"These results show that travellers are not sufficiently well trained in how to protect company data," said Andrew Jordan, executive vice-president and head of technology at CWT. "Going on-line in public places for example can put company data at risk."


Loss or theft of the computer the main source of worry


According to the study carried out by CWT, three situations are of particular concern to business travellers – the loss or theft of their computer or other mobile device (29%), use of public Wi-Fi networks (21%) and working on a mobile device (9%). These are followed by unwittingly sharing company documents (9%), accessing the company’s messaging service (8%), opening a file or visiting a website that is unauthorised (8%) and finally destroying printed documents (6%).

For French travellers, those figures are as high as 33% for the loss or theft of a mobile device, 19% for the use of public Wi-Fi networks and 10% for accessing the company’s messaging service, while half said that they felt personally responsible for the security of company-related data.


Lack of employee training


Of those surveyed, 37% admitted to downloading documents sent by parties unknown to them. In the event of security breaches or data violation, 37% of those who took part in the study said that they immediately switched off their device, while 25% reported it to their company.

The above figures could be "significantly higher if there were better training in terms of data security" according to Jordan, with just 20% of travellers saying that they had been given regular and formalised information from their employers on the subject of data and Internet-related security.


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